Isaias De La Cruz Coj
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My name is Isaias De La Cruz Coj. I'm a 23-year-old.

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November 4, 1999.
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I thank you for taking time to read my personal information; God bless you. My name is Isaias De La Cruz Coj. I am already 23 years old. Thank God, my mother and I are in good health. Since I am a special boy, I do not study or work. I want to tell you that during the time the feeding program was closed because of the pandemic, I missed the meals. Thank God, the program is already open, and I get there by walking 25 minutes. My mother and one brother, who works in the United States, are supplying our home expenses. My mother does the chores at home and raises hens for selling to help herself economically. Sadly, my father passed away about two years ago.

My mother sometimes buys snacks to eat together. At home, we do not have Christmas celebrations due to our low resources. We attend Catholic Church; it is 15 minutes away from home. During the pandemic, we continued with mass, but behind closed doors. We live in our own property; we have a room and a separate kitchen. Those are made of adobe with a tile roof and a dirt floor. We have water and electricity services. Unfortunately, the roof is old and has leaked, and we need to fix it soon. My family was affected during the pandemic because my brother who is in the USA was without work for a while, so he could not send us support. Nevertheless, we are very grateful to Living Water because they blessed us with food parcels which was a big help for us. At the moment, our greatest needs are groceries. Take care. Wishing you the best!

Kind regards,

Isaias De La Cruz Coj

AAC-Note: Isaias´s mother is asking for your prayers because since her husband dies, Isaias has changed a lot. Unfortunately, he does not help at home, his behavior is not good, and sometimes, he gets aggressive. So, Isaias´s mother is worried about him.

Translated by: Violeta Hernandez / A-A-C Secretary-Antigua