Manuel Morente Toj
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My name is Manuel Morente Toj. I'm a 15-year-old.

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November 15, 2008.
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First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter. My name is Manuel, and I am glad to share my last news with you. My family and I attend Full Gospel Church in Pacoc village, every Monday. I still have not accepted Jesus as my Savior, but I hope to do it soon. Luckily, I listen to God’s news at church and the feeding program. A teacher of the LW evangelism team spoke with my mother, Maria Toj, to collect this information for you. She also encouraged my mother to continue trusting in her salvation. Since my father passed away, it has been hard for my family and me to go ahead. We need clothes and food parcels, especially corn. My mother is 37 years old, and her health condition is good. She keeps busy with the household chores while I work as a day laborer to help at home with my income. I am doing my best to become a farmer when I am older. I stopped attending school some years ago, but nowadays, I take up my classes again. I am in third grade and prefer to receive face-to-face classes to learn lessons better.

Because of my job, I sometimes have not attended school. Thankfully, my family and I count on our brethren and grandfather’s support. They provide us with some groceries and corn. However, my family is big and those are not enough to survive every day. As for health, I want you to know that my youngest siblings have special needs. My sister Petrona cannot speak, and my brother Jason has trouble crawling and speaking. Despite that, they are doing well. The rainy season is my favorite. When the rain starts, everything turns green, and I love it. There are many beverages, my favorites are juices and hot drinks. My native language is the K’iche dialect. I want to learn another language like Spanish. I am a healthy boy, and I will have my fifteenth birthday in November. Because of money, my family usually does not celebrate birthdays. I would wish to celebrate my next birthday by eating a delicious cake and receiving many gifts. To end this letter, I want you to know the feeding program is meaningful for me because I receive medicines and food. This is all for now, but I hope to hear from you soon. See you later!

Special regards,

Manuel Morente Toj

Translated by: Hillary Popol / AAC Secretary / Antigua Guatemala