Blanca Estela Gutierrez Garcia
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My name is Blanca Estela Gutierrez Garcia. I'm a 19-year-old.

My birthday is
September 3, 2004.
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Cuatro Caminos

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My Story

I send you warm greetings hoping you are fine together with your loved ones. This is Blanca Estela Gutierrez Garcia. I am writing this small letter to tell you about my life. We are a humble family, and our greatest needs are groceries and clothes. My father’s name is Manuel, and he is 51 years old. I want to ask you to pray for his life because he is having problems with his stomach and cannot work. My mother’s name is Antonia, and she is 51 years old. She works hard at home and takes care of us. Please also pray for her because she is having some health issues. None of my parents are under medical treatment due to our low resources. My younger sister and I are the ones who are covering the home expenses. We continue living together with my father’s second family. Currently, we are members of Prince of Peace Church, and we attend the service on Monday. We raise hens and grow corn and green tomatoes, and they are for our consumption.

I am in good health, and I turned 19 in September. I pray to God and thank Him when it is my birthday. I want to become a businesswoman when I am older. I sometimes do the laundry for others in Zacualpa town in order to help my family financially. I would like to learn English language someday. One of my favorite celebrations is Christmas because we remember Jesus’ birth. I like playing soccer and drinking “incaparina” (hot beverage made from corn and soy). Living Water has been a great blessing and support for my family and me, and we are grateful for that. May God bless you!

Warm greetings

Blanca Estela Gutierrez Garcia

Translated by: Loyda de Osorio/A-A-C Secretary, Antigua Guatemala