Seldi Haxhillari
Ref# UMD0042

About Me
My name is Seldi Haxhillari. I'm a 5-year-old.

My birthday is
May 28, 2017.
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Upper Mokra

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My Story

Hello! My name is Seldi Haxhillari. I am a 3 year old boy and my birthday is on May 28th. I am doing well and in good health. My favorite color is blue. My favorite game I play the most is driving my car toys around the room and my future dream is to be teacher. I like to use a paper and a pen and try to read, write as well as to color. I started for the first time to attend the kindergarten on September. I am getting used to stay there from morning till midday. I have found new friends to spend time to play as we use our toys. Our teacher is teaching to us poems by heart and songs that we sing in coir. After we finish the kindergarten for the day, I return home to enjoy lunch and right after, I get together to play with my friends. Our games are simple and we play very close to our homes so that our parents will keep an eye on us while we play. I like to play hide and seek and take my ball outside when I play with my cousins in front of my home. My family and I live in Dunica. My father’s name is Mariglen and my mother’s name is Sara. I have a 7 year old brother whose name is Argenis. He attends school and is also registered in the programme. My parents deal with agriculture and during the past year they have plated wheat, corn, alfalfa and vegetables as beans, peppers, tomatoes, anions, etc. My parents have a cow and a mule. We benefit milk from the cow and my father collects wood in the mountain. He is also able to sell wood and gain a bit more of income. We have also got fruit trees around our gardens and have recently collected the whole nuts and grapes. Same as all families in the villages we are very poor and I am thankful to the sponsorship program for the food package that I have received every month. God bless you!

Dunica is one of the villages of Upper Mokra, It is located far in the mountains and is a very hard place to be reached without having a good vehicle. The infrastructure is totally missing and the people who live there are almost isolated during all winter. The majority of the people here make the living by working in agriculture as they own their land. They produce wheat, corn and other vegetables as beans, anions, tomatoes and peppers for consumption but very less as the land is not productive. In the same time, almost every family raises animals as cows and goats to benefit milk or horses, mules and donkeys to use for transportation. They need to transport the products from the fields that are away from home and in the same time the men go to collect fire wood in the mountains. They can’t offer to buy the fire wood that they consume.  The majority of the people who previously had the possibility to emigrate and raise enough income, have left the village and live in the towns but the other part who lives in the village face poverty and hardships of any kind. The team of Living Water Adopt a Child goes twice every week in Dunica to share the Good News of the Lord Jesus for the man, ladies and the children. There we have a Bible study for the men and ladies as well as Bible classes for teens and children. Once every month we deliver a food package to every child attending our meetings. Because of the Pandemic restriction rules, we are able to take in Bible classes the children above 12 but we are able to have the Bible study meetings for teens and adults.

Martin Rucolli

Translator at Adopt a Child Albania