Albio Topalli
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My name is Albio Topalli. I'm a 16-year-old.

My birthday is
March 21, 2006.
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Hello! My name is Albio Topalli. I am 15 years old and my birthday is on March 21st. I am in good health. My favorite color is green and my future dream is to be a dentist. I frequent the first grade of high school and my favorite subject that I enjoy to study is Math. When I return home from school, I do my best to help my parents working together with them where I can offer. I spend my free time playing outside together with my friends and cousins. At times we choose to play football and at other times we choose to have a short walk and enjoy speaking to one another. During the evenings, I stay in our living room, where is warm and I study my school books and do the school homework that the teachers give to us in our classes. While I study, I also help my younger brother to do properly his school homework. 

I live in Proptisht. Our house offers appropriated living conditions to us. In my family I have five members. My father’s name is Jani and my mother’s name is Teodora. I have a brother and a sister. My brother’s name is Elios and he is 10 years old. My sister’s name is Sea and she is three years old. My father has a job and he receives a small monthly pay. We have in the village a building where the power supplies and transformations of the whole village are installed and he is a guard in this building. My mother does the housekeeping, cleaning and works together with my father in our lands. My mother works mostly in the vegetable garden. My father has planted hazelnuts and apple-trees. He is also able to sell hazelnuts and apples, but not as much because they don’t produce a whole lot. The wellbeing of my family is unwell and we live with low income, even that my father has a job. I am thankful to the Adopt a Child sponsorship programme for the help and support I receive. God bless you richly!

The church of Living Water International in Proptisht gathers in a bar that is rented and being used for two days during the week. The church service is on Mondays and in the same time the children gather for their Bible classes. On Wednesdays the team goes again in Proptisht and there they have the ladies meeting and another Bible class for the children. After the meetings, the team goes to visit homes where they have an open door. The children of the programme of Proptisht receive every six weeks a package containing food as pasta, sugar, rice, etc and to receive this package they come together with their parents. We are thankful to you for all your care and support to the children who frequent the sponsorship programme. God bless you richly!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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