Florim Alisufi
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My name is Florim Alisufi. I'm a 8-year-old.

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October 27, 2014.
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Hello! My name is Florim Alisufi. I am 7 years old and my birthday is on October 27th. I have specter autism and this is making me be a child with different or special abilities. My favorite color is blue. I am a child and I have many dreams and desires waiting to be true in my future, but I have not yet thought about what I will become in the future or in what profession I will choose to work on. I will start to frequent the second grade at school on September. Schools in our country close for two months for the summer break, starting from June. I like to get together with my cousins and friends who live near my house and play. I am happy that they receive me to play with them. When I return in the house, I like to sit and watch cartoons. My sister and my mother constantly stay very close to me either when I play outside or when I do things inside.  

My family and I live in the village of Katjel. Our house offers appropriated living conditions. I have four persons containing my family who are my father, mother, my sister and me. My sister is 13 years old and she will start the eighth grade at school on September. She and I go together in the same school and after the lessons, we frequent the Bible classes. Sister is registered in the programme. She cares for me during the time that I am at the program or at school and when I play outside. She is always looking after me. My father has emigrated during the past six months in Germany to work there and provide for us. He does different jobs, as hired from the people in this country. We miss him very much when he is not present at home, but we are happy that he has a job and he constantly provides income for our family. My mother works as cleaning lady at the school. Doing this job, she doesn’t receive a big pay, but we are still happy that unlike the other ladies of the village, she has a constant job and a constant salary. We own our land in the village but my parents have jobs and they have decided not to deal with agriculture. They haven’t planted anything as crops, corn, etc. My mother is constantly planting the vegetable garden that is near our house. She provides for us beans, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables. She will start to do the canning on Autumn. We have also a few fruit trees around the land and garden. My mother is making jam or juice out of fruits we collect and I am helping her to collect the fruits as cherries, apples and plums. Same as the majority of the people who live in the village, my family is living with low income and our needs are still many. I am thankful to benefit help and care from the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child.

The Living Water Adopt a Child church in Katjel meets for the church service on Saturdays. During the other days of the week, the church organizes Bible classes for children and Bible studies in small groups for teens and ladies. During this summer we had a few events that were very special. The church organized a children’s camp and another celebration for the children’s day. We can play in the sport field of the church after the Bible classes and I enjoy my time playing with my friends who join the Bible classes. Every six weeks. I receive a food package provided from the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child. The package contains oil, sugar, flour, pasta, rice, etc. Thank you for your care and support to me and God bless you in abundance.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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