Elivert Memini
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My name is Elivert Memini. I'm a 29-year-old.

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June 10, 1993.
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Hello! My name is Elivert Memini. I am a matured young man and at present I am 28 years old. My birthday is on June 10th.  I face mental problems and am slow in the ability to work, but yet, I am able to take my goats out in the fields and pastor them. I can care for my needs but still, I need my mother to stay close to me. Because of my mental illness, the government is delivering to me a social assistance. This is as a monthly pension for me and my mother. With this amount, my mother buys food for us and new clothes for me.

My family and I live in Katjel. We live in an old house that contains two bedrooms and a living room that includes our kitchen. I have four persons in my family. My father’s name is Xhemal and my mother’s name is Feride. I have a brother also. My father is invalid and unable to work. For this reason, he receives an invalid pension. My mother cares for both of us, benefiting a special pension as assistance for her as a care person. We have land in the village and during the past months, my parents planted corn. They use it as stock food for our goats. We have a few goats and my father and I care to feed them daily in the fields. Shepherding goats, we benefit a few litters of milk to consume as well as butter, cheese and yogurt. My mother has planted as every year the vegetable garden and she has started to collect them. We are enjoying bio products from our garden as tomatoes, peppers, onions, beans, cucumbers, etc. We have also got fruit trees around our garden and land. My mother collects these fruits and makes jam or a few vases of fruit juice out of apples, plums pears or grapes.

The Living Water Adopt a Child church in Katjel meets for the service on Saturdays. The church organizes other meetings during the week for children, youth and adults to participate. On Mondays the church has a prayer meeting and on Wednesdays they have two meetings. A Bible class for children as well as a Bible study for the adults. On Friday two other meetings are also opened to join. A bible study for ladies as well as a Bible class for the children and teenagers. Once every six weeks, the children receive a package that contains food as oil, sugar, rice, pasta, etc. Every child receives this package coming along with one parent. At present, the children in the Bible classes are practicing for the Christmas concert. They will receive at Christmas an alternative gift provided for them by Adopt a Child sponsorship progarmme.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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