Leonel Pura
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My name is Leonel Pura. I'm a 10-year-old.

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January 13, 2012.
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Hello! My name is Leonel Pura. I am 9 years old and my birthday is on January 13th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. I completed the 3rd grade at school successfully and received good evaluation marks from my teacher. I was very happy with my school progress. At present the schools are closed for the summer break and we start again in September. In my free time, I get together with my friends and we use this time to play football in the school field in the center of the village. I get older I would love to become a dentist. My family and I live in Rodokal in a small house that contains a bedroom and a living room that includes our kitchen. I have 8 people in my family. My father’s name is Dashamir and my mother’s name is Nexhmije. When I have a sister and two brothers. Their names are Xhemile, Xhulian and Glorian. My sister, Xhemile is 19 years old at present. She is helping my mother at home with the cooking and cleaning. My brother Xhulian is 15 years old and my other brother Glorian is 7 years old. They are both at school and are also in the program although my oldest brother has aged out. My grandparents are living with us and my parents care for their living needs. They are retired and receive village pensions but it is not quite enough to cover what they need for living. My father doesn’t have a job but he works for the people of the village who hire him in their land. He doesn’t earn enough to cover the needs that we have. My father has previously planted wheat and the harvest time was in July. My parents grind the wheat to flour which provides all the flower we need for the year. My mother bakes the bread at home and this is why we plant wheat every year. We pile up the hay so that we can have the stock food provided for our cow for winter. My mother and grandmother have planted the vegetable garden. The garden provides fresh vegetables as peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and beans to eat. We keep a cow that my grandparents care for and by raising it, we profit a few litters of milk to consume daily as well as cheese and butter. Once a year, my father sells the calf and we earn a bit more of profit. Around our land we have a few apple trees and plum trees. We collect these fruits and my mother and grandmother make jam to be used during the winter. We are living in poverty and constantly have lots of needs. I am thankful to the sponsorship program of Adopt a Child for the help and care to me.

Living Water Church in Rodokal meets for their services on Saturday evenings.  During the week, the church is inviting the children and youth at the church center to join Bible studies and learn from the Bible in small groups.  The church also has ladies’ meetings.  During this summer, for the first time the Living Water churches have organized summer camps for the children and youth who attend the sponsorship programs.  There are many activities for the children at these camps. The purpose of these camps was for the kids to have a retreat after the long pandemic distancing rules and lockdowns.  The children in our programs are receiving every month or six weeks a package that contains food items, groceries that can be cooked in their homes.  One box of food delivered from the program covers ten to twelve cooked meals for the whole family.  When the children come to receive this food box, they are asked to bring their parents along with them.  This way, we have open doors to evangelize and invite the parents to join our church activities. Thank you for helping the children in our program spiritually and physically.  God bless you in abundance.

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