Danjel Bego
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My name is Danjel Bego. I'm a 17-year-old.

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September 17, 2004.
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Hello! My name is Danjel Bego. I am 16 year old and my birthday is on September 17th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. I have successfully completed the 2nd grade of high school and received the evaluation grades given by my teacher for the subjects we took. I enjoy studying well and I can’t wait to start school again in the Fall. I can’t wait to meet with my class friends and with my teachers. The schools are off for the summer break till September and I am spending this time off to play with my friends. In the Fall I will begin the 11th grade. My friends and I enjoy playing football for a few hours each day and we meet again during the evenings before it gets dark to go on short walks and hang out. In the future I hope to be a police officer! The summers are busy for us who live in the village because we do a lot of work in the fields. I help my parents relax a bit by taking the cow out in the field everyday to be fed.

My family and I live in Low Rodokal. I have to walk for about 45 minutes to reach to the programme centre and school. I meet with my class friends to go there. I have 7 people that are in my family. Our house contains two bedrooms and a living room that includes the kitchen. It is old and doesn’t offer to us great living conditions for the amount of people that live in our house. My father’s name is Rapush and my mother’s name is Merreme. I have two sisters whose names are Erisa and Fjorela. Erisa is 14 years old and will attend the 9th grade at school. Fjorela is 11 years old and will attend the 6th grade at school. My grandparents are both living with our family. They are retired and receive each a small village pension which is a financial help for us all in time of big need.  My grandfather has been sick and it taking medicine. My father emigrated to Turkey and worked there for 3 months in agriculture. He has stayed home the rest of the year and has worked in the land. My father and mother previously have planted wheat on our land and they collected it in July. My father grinds the wheat to make flour so that we have enough flour provision to last us for a long while.  My mother makes the bread at home so we don’t have to buy it in the shop. In spring my mother and father planted a vegetable garden in front of our home just so that we have a few fresh vegetables to consume such as; beans, peppers, tomatoes, onions, etc. At present we are also collecting fruits from our trees that we have around our land and garden. My mother composts these fruits or makes jam out of plums and apples. We eat these jams a lot, especially during the winter season. My grandparents both help be feeding the cow. We keep the cow to profit a bit of milk that we consume daily and once a year my father sells its calf to gain some money for buying us food. The stock food that the cow needs for the winter is provided by my parents who planted alfalfa and gathered the hay from the wheat. My father tries to support our living expenses through working in the land or raising animals to benefit whatever he can, but the land here doesn’t give too much product and we are in poverty, especially during this year.

Living Water Church in Rodokal meets for their services on Saturday evenings.  During the week, the church is inviting the children and youth at the church center to join Bible studies and learn from the Bible in small groups.  The church also has ladies’ meetings.  During this summer, for the first time the Living Water churches have organized summer camps for the children and youth who attend the sponsorship programs.  There are many activities for the children at these camps. The purpose of these camps was for the kids to have a retreat after the long pandemic distancing rules and lockdowns.  The children in our programs are receiving every month or six weeks a package that contains food items, groceries that can be cooked in their homes.  One box of food delivered from the program covers ten to twelve cooked meals for the whole family.  When the children come to receive this food box, they are asked to bring their parents along with them.  This way, we have open doors to evangelize and invite the parents to join our church activities.  Thank you for helping the children in our program spiritually and physically.  God bless you in abundance.

Edited by Courtney Rodgers

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