Luis Mertkola
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My name is Luis Mertkola. I'm a 16-year-old.

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February 17, 2006.
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Hello! My name is Luis Mertkola. I am a 14 years old boy and my birthday is on February 17th. I am doing well and in good health. At present I attend the 9th grade at school and enjoy learning. Because of the pandemic, we have to respect the distancing and keep masks on all time, as soon as we get off from our home, but I am happy that we can take the lessons in our class instead of taking them online. I like to get together with my friends and play football right after school. At present the weather is not as good and we have rainy days, but whenever there is a nice sunny day, we take the chance to play. I always enjoy helping my parents with all that I can offer. We keep the fire burning all day long in our home and from time to time, I take wood from outside and load them in our fire stove. My family and I live in Katjel. Our house contains two rooms. It offers appropriated living conditions to us. I have five persons in my family. My father’s name is Fredi (Jani) and my mother’s name is Marjana. My aunt (mother’s sister) is living in our home and is under the care of my mother. She is mentally ill and needs a special care as well as medical treatments. She receives an invalid pension to cover at least some of the needed expenses. My father emigrates in Greece and works there for nine months to provide for our family. He works in agriculture as well as in construction, as offered a job. We miss him when he is over there, but we are happy that he provides for our needs. My mother is working in our land and usually she plants the vegetable garden, so we are consuming fresh peppers, tomatoes, onions, beans, etc. My father and mother have decided to keep no animals because it takes lots of effort to care for them and they need a lot of food provision during the winter. The welfare of my family is well because my father works in emigration, but our needs are still many. 

About our activities in the programme of Katjel: Living Water Adopt a Child church in Katjel is progressing daily. Our church there has three meetings during the week. On Wednesdays we have prayer meetings, on Fridays Bible study meetings for the youth and every Saturday they gather for the church service. The disciples of the church are following the International School of Theology and Leadership (ISTL) that is being accessed online for five days every month during the evenings. All the children who are part of the sponsorship programme receive every month a package that contains groceries. Because of the pandemic rules they get this package once a month at our centre in small groups together with one of their family members. We are thankful to you from our hearts for all your care and support you are giving to the children of the village of Katjel. God bless you in abundance.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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