Megi Lleshi
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My name is Megi Lleshi. I'm a 15-year-old.

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October 7, 2007.
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Hello! My name is Megi Lleshi. I am a 13 years old girl and my birthday is on October 7th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is pink My future dream is to study and become a Vet. I love animals and like to care for them. I attend the seventh grade at school and am doing well with the lessons. My favorite subject that I enjoy to study the most is Math. Our class is divided in two shifts so that we can be a smaller group and this is in order to respect the pandemic distancing rules. We also keep masks while we are inside our class. In my free time, I like to get together with my friends to play volleyball. We play right after school at the school field and also go to play to the centre of the church in Katjel. Most of the time we like to take walks and speak between us. The weather recently has been quite nice and we enjoy staying longer outside. I am helping my mother at home constantly especially during the evenings. We do the cleaning together and I make the dishes for her. We have two goats and I love to care for them and to bring food to them inside the stable.   

My family and I live in Katjel. Our house offers appropriated living conditions to us. I have five persons containing my family. My father’s name is Saip and my mother’s name is Xhemile. I have an older brother whose name is Algjerim and an older sister whose name is Lusjana. They have both completed school and are working together with my mother at home. My brother is working in the vegetable garden together with my mother and my older sister does the housekeeping, cleaning and cooking. My father emigrates in Greece for nine months in order to provide for our living. He works there in agriculture for a season and in construction for the other months and we are happy that by working abroad he is providing a better income to cover our needs. On the other side, we miss him very much while he is away from home.  Same as all the people who live in the village, my parents own a portion of land. My father is gone for a long period of time in emigration and for this reason my parents have decided to plant nothing in it, besides the vegetable garden. We keep two goats and they give very little milk, but we like to care for them. My father is bringing for us enough income through emigration and this is why we don’t deal quite a lot with agriculture. We have close to our home a vegetable garden and just recently my mother has started to pant it. She has planted beans, peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables that we consume as fresh when they are ready. Because my father emigrates the welfare in our family is not as bad, but we still have to live with low income and our needs are many.

About the activities of our programme in Katjel: The Living Water Adopt a Child team is doing three meetings during the week at our church centre in Katjel. Because of the pandemic distancing rules, the classes are done in groups of ten to fifteen persons so at times there are two or more classes being held in the same day. On Wednesdays the adults and youth have a Bible study meeting and on Friday the children gather in Bible classes. In the same day, a ladies meeting is also being held. After the Bible classes the children stay a bit longer to spend time playing and having fellowship. The believers of the church who are actually serving to the Lord are taking Bible school online. The school is International school of Theology and Leadership. ISTL. The church service in Katjel is every Saturday. Every month the children who are in the program of Katjel receive a food package containing ingredients that are cooked at home. The package contains food items as sugar, rice, oil, pasta, etc, items that can be cooked and can cover ten to twelve meals for the whole family. Thank you for helping the children and through them the whole community spiritually and physically.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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