Ismet Zito
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My name is Ismet Zito. I'm a 38-year-old.

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May 21, 1984.
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Ismet Zito is a 36 years old man and his birthday is on May 21st. He is mentally ill since birth and as a result of this health issue he is disabled and needs special care from his family as well as from all of the other people of the community, therefore we as Adopt a Child have contributed to help him through the Living Water Adopt a Child. Ismet being in this heath condition is receiving a monthly pay considered as an invalid pension. He has a sister who is suffering from the same illness. Her name is Zamira. She is paralyzed and has mental issues and her mother cares for her while she is laying in bad day and night. For this reason, the mother is also benefiting a pension, carrying for both of them. Ismet’s mother can’t work in the lands or do anything else as she needs to stay in the home and care for the needs that Ismet and Zamira have.

The church of Living Water Katjel almost daily activities to be part of such as prayer meetings, Bible study meetings, movie night, sport activities, special meetings for men and ladies, etc. The church services are on Saturdays. Ismet has monthly received from the Adopt a Child programme a food package containing groceries and this food items have been a monthly blessing to him, especially during this year that they have faced hardships because of the Pandemic. At present, because of the pandemic the team of Adopt a Child brings to Ismet the food package at home and this is so that we can respect the distancing for the children in our programmes. Ismet is actually coming and attending the church services regularly and at times his mother comes with him.

Ismet’s family is located in Katjel. His house contains four rooms that don’t offer appropriated living conditions to them. He has four persons in his family. His father’s name is Zylfi and his mother’s name is Anife. His father is an old man and is already retired. He is receiving a monthly retiring pension from his previous job. At present he works a bit in their land to provide wheat, and a few other products that they plant as food provision for the cow. He plants alfalfa and corn to provide the stock food for the cow and feeds it during the winter inside the stable close to his home. During spring and summer, he takes the cow out in the fields to be feed. Keeping a cow, the whole family benefits milk, yogurt, cheese and butter and once a year, selling the calf, they benefit an amount that is used to buy more food that they consume for the year. The father can’t do a lot of work in the land, but at least he provides the wheat and grinds it to flour so that his wife, Ismet’s mother can bake the bread for them at home. The welfare of the family is actually remaining in poverty and at times Ismet’s brother helps them, even that he is not living in the same home. Ismet’s family is thankful to the Adopt a Child for the constant help they have received for Ismet and Zamira.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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