Francisco Eduardo Gutierrez Garcia
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My name is Francisco Eduardo Gutierrez Garcia. I'm a 20-year-old.

My birthday is
May 24, 2002.
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Cuatro Caminos

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My Story

Hello! I am so glad that you take time to read my information; God bless you. I am Francisco Eduardo, and I am 20 years old. I dropped out of school some years ago because I did not want to attend. So now, I am working in Zacualpa´s market on Thursdays and Sundays carrying goods for people. The feeding program was closed for the pandemic situation, and I missed the meals, sharing with my friends and having fun. Fortunately, the program is open again. I live one hour and a half from the program. My father is not living with us since he has another family. He only helps us once in a while with 50 or 100 quetzals = $6 or $13. My mother does the chores at home, and raises domestic animals like: hens, pigs, and cows for selling when we have some need. In addition, she sells veggies and herbs in the plaza on Thursdays and Sundays to help herself economically. Thank God, we are in good health.

My family and I take time to see some movie and share a snack. I like to share time with them. At church, we do not have the custom to celebrate Christmas. We attend Prince of Peace Church, and it is 25 minutes from home. At the beginning of the pandemic, we felt discouraged because we were not allowed to meet up with our brethren to praise our Lord. Now, we are attending again, and our Lord has comforted us, and we continue trusting on him. We own the house in which we live; we have 2 rooms, and a separate kitchen. Those are made of adobe. Part of the roof has tiles, and the other is tin sheets. The floor is dirt on one part, and the other part is cement. We have electricity, but no running water, so we get it from a natural spring. Our house condition is good. At the beginning of the pandemic, it was very difficult for my mother because she could not sell in the market for a time. Thank God, my brother Maximiliano who is working in the United States sent us financial support. Moreover, we have received food parcels from Living Water which have been a great blessing for my mother, siblings and me. As a family, our principal needs are corn, groceries and clothes. I want to let you know that the LW team called us and asked for this updated information, so my mother provided it to them over the phone. I say goodbye to you for now hoping to hear from you soon. Many blessings!

Lots of love,

Francisco Eduardo Gutierrez Garcia

Translated by: Violeta Hernandez / A-A-C Secretary-Antigua