Silvia Bicaku
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My name is Silvia Bicaku. I'm a 12-year-old.

My birthday is
August 4, 2009.
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Hello! My name is Silvia Bicaku. I am a 12 years old girl and my birthday is on August 4th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is yellow. My future dream is to study and become an advocate. I attend the sixth grade at school. I enjoy learning and my favorite subject that I like to study the most is biology. Because of the Pandemic we gather in smaller groups to take our class. As soon as I return home and right after I enjoy my lunch that my mother has cooked for me, I get together with my friends to play outside. We play very close to our home so that our parents can keep an eye on us. I like to play with cards together with my friends. There are so many different games that we play with the same cards so we spend a nice time whenever we sit in groups of four to play these card-games. I like to go for a walk together with my parents and my siblings. Walks in the evenings are traditional in our town. We have a park in Elbasan and I enjoy having these walks in the park. I like to be there for my mother and close to her in every need she has when she does the cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc. We are a big family and my siblings and I help our parents so that we can make it easy for them to care for us.

 My family and I live in Elbasan. My father’s name is Maksut and my mother’s name is Marjeta. I have a brother and two sisters. My brother’s name is Engli. He is 16 years old and frequents the first grade high school. My brother is also registered in the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child. The names of my sisters are Hengrid and Maria. Hengrid is 21 years old and Maria is 18 years old. My father is working in agronomy. What he does is he consults the people who work in agriculture how to plant best and what kind of seeds are the most productive ones. He also tells to the farmers when the best time is to put the chemicals on plants and when to prompt the trees. He is paid as hired and whenever he is asked from the farmers, so he doesn’t earn very much. Even though, we are very happy that he has this very important role and he is gaining and covering our needs as family. My mother stays at home and she does the housekeeping, cleaning and shopping, so she gets quite busy too. My brother and I come regularly to the programme of Adopt a Child and we are blessed spiritually and physically. We are happy for the food packages we receive and we are also happy to learn about the Lord Jesus from the Word of God. God bless you for your care on us.

The schedule of our weekly meetings at our new church and Adopt a Child program in Elbasan is as follows:  On Sundays, church service and children’s Sunday school at 10:30 AM. On Mondays, the youth meeting at 6:00 PM and on Wednesdays, 6:00 PM prayer meetings and Bible study meeting. Since the program started to take place, we are asking the parents to come along with the children and be present. The children have received their first package of food and are constantly frequenting our church meetings being this way feed physically and spiritually with the Word of God.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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