Joel Spaho
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My name is Joel Spaho. I'm a 5-year-old.

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July 7, 2017.
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Hello! My name is Joel Spaho. I am 5 years old and my birthday is on July 7th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is green and my future dream is to become a police officer. I like to play with my toys in the house and I also like to get outside to play with my friends and cousins who live near my house. We play with ball, hide and seek, do run races, ride bicycles, etc. My mother brings me to frequent the kindergarten in the mornings and takes me at midday. I enjoy going in the kindergarten because we play there with toys and I have made new friends. Besides playing games, our teacher is teaching us to slowly read, write, count and do drawings and color them. The winters are cold in my country and my mother has started the fire in our living room. I like to play in this room because it is warm and when I don’t play, I sit close to the fire to watch cartoons.

My family and I live in Kotodesh and the house in which we live offers appropriated living conditions to the members in my family who are four. I have my father, mother and a baby sister who is at present two years old. I like to play with her so that my mother can get freed to do for us the cooking and cleaning. My father and mother deal with agriculture and we as family own land. They have planted crops, vegetables and other plants to provide stock food for the cow. We have also a cow and both of them care for it constantly. In a small portion of land, my mother has planted vegetables and we consume them fresh and bio. As soon as they grow, we pick them up and consume them. We have also got fruit trees as apples and plums. Agriculture is very less beneficial, even that every year, my father sells the calf and earns income that he is able to use for whatever is the most needed in the house as far as food and clothes. Because the income is very low, my father is challenged to emigrate in Greece. He is working there for three months in agriculture. The welfare in the family increases and gets better during the time my father emigrates, but we live with low income constantly and our needs are many. I am very happy that I benefit help in food provided from the Adopt a Child. I receive a food package every six weeks while I frequent the Bible classes and the church services in Kotodesh. My family and I are thankful to Adopt a Child programme for the care they show on me. God bless you in abondance.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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