Eno Llapushi
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My name is Eno Llapushi. I'm a 10-year-old.

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July 22, 2012.
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My name is Eno Llapushi I am 9 years old and my birthday is on July 22nd. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is green and my future dream is to be a Police. I will attend the third grade at school at the end of September. Again, this year, because of the pandemic, we are going to keep masks while we are going to be in our class, but I am happy that we are going to take the lessons at school and not online. I like school and studying and am doing well with the lessons. My favorite subject at school is Math. I like to spend time playing with my friends. Our games are simple as fire-ball, run races etc. I get often together with my friends to play football. We all enjoy playing football and at times we play this game in the school field and at other times, we just play in the roads close to our homes. I do all that I can to be a help to my parents. I like to collect the fruits from the trees together with my mother and also go along with her when she collects the vegetables from our garden.  

My family and I live in Proptisht. My house offers appropriated living conditions to us. I have six persons in my family. My father’s name is Oltjan and my mother’s name is Syme. I have a six year old sister whose name is Nadja. Both my grandparents live with us and are part of our family. They are in old age and have already retired from their previous jobs. Their pensions are very small and for this reason, my parents supply their living needs. My father is working in construction so that he can provide for us all. Working in construction, he gets paid well, but he is not working full time and when he is not working we all live with low income. Same as every family who lives in Proptisht, our family has got land and we deal with agriculture. My parents have planted vegetables and crops in the land. On July we harvested the wheat and at present we are cutting the oat and alfalfa. We have a cow and for this reason, we are planting in a portion of our land oat and alfalfa or corn so that we can provide the stock food it needs for the winter. During the summer, my grandparents feed the cow in the fields. Keeping a cow is beneficial for our family because we have milk and cheese for consumption and we are able to sell a calf once a year and gain a bit more of income. My mother besides the housekeeping works daily in the vegetable garden. At present we are collecting the last products from it. All through the summer we have consumed fresh potatoes, beans, tomatoes, peppers, etc. She has also collected fruits from our trees and we have jam for consumption. My mother comes to the church services and she brings both me and my sister to frequent the Bible classes twice every week. She has been part of the staff of the LWI before she got married. She is a believer already. The Living Water has rented a small bar in Proptisht and this place is used for our activities. The church service in Proptisht is on Mondays and on Thursdays the team goes again in the village to do home visits and Bible study meetings in small groups for the children, youth and ladies. The children receive every six weeks a package containing food as pasta, rice, sugar, oil, etc. In their need for food this is a great help to the children and their families. We are thankful to each of the sponsors for the great support they provide for the children in our programmes. God bless you in abondance.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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