Mario Alla
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My name is Mario Alla. I'm a 22-year-old.

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August 12, 2000.
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Mario Alla is 21 years old. He is born with mental illness and is not same as all the other boys his age. He is classified as person with different abilities and for this reason he is being treated with a pension. This pension is delivered to people who have cases and are invalids. Through  the pension, his family covers his expenses for the living but not all of them. Mario needs a special care from all and for this reason, he constantly has been frequenting school just so that he can be with other boys and girls. He is frequenting the last grade of high school and the teachers in the school keep him in class just so that he can have fellowship or feel that he is doing something. Mario is also frequenting our church services together with his grandmother and sister. He is a quiet type of person and likes to listen to the songs and to the people who are preaching the word.

His family and him live in Proptisht. Mario has six persons containing his family. HIs home offers appropriated living conditions to them. His father’s name is Artan and his mother’s name is Zinete. He has ayounger sister whose name is Marinela. She cares for Mario when his parents or grandparents are working in the fields. Mario’s family lives in the village and owns land. They have just got a small portion of land and it is on the hills. The work in it has to be done manually, by hand or using the animals to push the plow because the machineries can’t reach to go that far. For this reason, the land is very less productive and it doesn’t bring to us any profit. His mother and father plant vegetables for consumption as well as wheat and alfalfa. They have also got fruit trees as apples and plums. HIs parents collect the fruits and my mother makes jam or juice. We are also collecting in autumn the last vegetables that we consume as fresh from our own garden and are happy that we can provide beans, onions, tomatoes, peppers, etc. Mario’s father is working in Greece for three months every year in order to provide for the whole family. He works in construction or in agriculture and he brings to the family income by working there. Both grandparents live with Mario’s family. They are in old age and have retired from their previous jobs. Mario’s grandparents are carrying for the cow and they as family are provided with milk, cheese and butter. Mario’s father sells every year a calf and with the income he gets, he buys what we need the most in the family. The welfare of Mario’s family is not too bad because Mario’s father emigrates in Greece, but same as all who live in the village, they face hardships.

The team of Living Water goes two days in Proptisht to serve to the children and to the community. The church service is every Monday and on Wednesdays the team is doing Bible studies for the ladies and youth. After the meetings the team goes to visit homes and share the gospel with family members of the children. Every month or six weeks, the children receive a box that contains food to be cooked at home. The box contains oil, pasta, sugar, rice, etc. Thank you for being a great support to the children as we are serving to them physically and spiritually. God bless you!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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