Eridjon Bufi
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My name is Eridjon Bufi. I'm a 13-year-old.

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June 6, 2009.
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Hello! My name is Eridjon Bufi. I am an 11 years old boy and my birthday is on June 6th. I am in good health. My future dream is to study well at school and be a Police. My favorite color is blue. I completed the 5th grade at school. Schools are already closed for the summer break till September. During the lockdown, our teachers gave to us the lessons online and we replied to them using the Mobile phone of our family. My mother helped me a lot with my school during the pandemic. We had a class group where my mother communicated and sent my homework to my teacher. My favorite subject at school is Math and I got the highest evaluation mark from my teacher in this subject. During this period of time that we are off from school I spend more hours playing outside with my friends. As we gather, we play football in the road close to our home and at times we go to play in the school field. My mother’s name is Limona and my father’s name is Adrian. I have two brothers whose name are Erald, 18 years old and Redis,15 years old. Proptisht, the village we live in offers a beautiful view and is surrounded from many hills. A river is also running alongside our village. We as family make the living by working in the lands. Our land is in the hills and not as much productive. All the work on the land is done by hand because machineries can’t reach. Even though, a heavy tractor might reach in a few places. Usually, my father plants crops as wheat or corn. My mother prefers to make the bread at home therefore my father plants as much wheat as possible to make sure we have flour that will last for one year. The harvest time is on July when all the people in the village are busy collecting their wheat and grinding it to flour. Our family has a vegetable garden close to our home and plant tomatoes, peppers, beans, anions etc. We also have fruit trees as apples, plums and walnuts, surrounding our gardens or lands. Working in the lands my parents aren’t able to fully cover the expenses needed for the living therefore my father is emigrating for a season to work in Greece. He does agriculture jobs there and earns a better income compared to what he would get here doing the very same job.  I attend the children’s classes of the church in Proptisht and am very happy that I have the opportunity to learn from the Word of God. The teachers explain to us how to know God and His great love for us. Once every month we both are blessed from our church with a food package and we as family are very thankful to Living Water Adopt a Child who provides food for us. God bless you!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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