Ansi Pura
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My name is Ansi Pura. I'm a 4-year-old.

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October 16, 2017.
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Hello! My name is Ansi Pura. I am 3 years old and my birthday is on October 16th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is blue. I have started to attend the kindergarten in September and there I have made new friends. I love to play with my friends there using the few toys that the teacher at the kindergarten is giving to us. We are also learning poems by heart and our teacher is telling to us stories that we can always learn new things from them. My mother takes me from the kindergarten at midday and when I return home, I watch cartoons on the TV. When the weather is nice, I like to get together with my friends or cousins so that we can play for a while. Our games are very simple as hide and seek or running races. We play in the road, close to our home so that our parents can always keep an eye on us. We get dirty while playing and as soon as I get home, I change my clothes and dress with clean ones.

My family and I live in Proptisht. I have three persons in my family, so I have my father and mother and am their only child. My father’s name is Kristo and my mother’s name is Suela. My father is at present jobless but during the year he emigrates and works in Northern Macedonia to provide for our family. He works there for three months or six months within the year at times in agriculture and at other times in construction, depending on where he finds a job and where he gets hired. We are happy that he can provide for us a better income through emigration, but my mother and I miss him very much when he is gone. My parents have land in the village but the land is not very profitable therefore my parents don’t plant anything on it. My father is gone in emigration for six months and when he is gone, my mother can’t work in the land and in the same time care for me and do the housekeeping. Even though, my mother has planted our vegetable garden that is in front of our house and we consume fresh tomatoes, peppers, beans and other products. My parents also have deiced to raise no animals as they need a lot of food provision.  We are yet very poor and the income that my father gets from emigration is never enough to fulfill all that we need for the living therefore my parents and I are thankful to the programme of Adopt a Child for their constant care and help on me. My mother and I frequent regularly the programme.

The Living Water Adopt a Child team is doing two meetings during the week in Proptisht. There we have rented a small bar that serves also as a groceries shop. Because of the pandemic distancing rules, the classes are done in groups of ten to fifteen persons so at times there are two or more classes being held in the same day. On Thursdays the children gather in Bible classes and when the Bible classes are completed, the team goes to visit homes and spread the good news whenever they are invited. The church service in Proptisht is every Monday. Every month the children who are in the program of Proptisht receive a food package containing ingredients that are cooked at home. The package contains food items as sugar, rice, oil, pasta, etc, items that can be cooked and can cover ten to twelve meals for the whole family. Thank you for helping the children and through them the whole community spiritually and physically.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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