Ansi Pura
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My name is Ansi Pura. I'm a 5-year-old.

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October 16, 2017.
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Hello! My name is Ansi Pura. I am 4 years old and my birthday is on October 16th. I am doing well and in good health. My favorite color is blue and my future dream is to become a driver and drive cars. My favorite game that I play inside my house is driving car-toys that my parents buy for me as presents for my birthday or for Christmas. I started recently to frequent the kindergarten and go there from morning till midday for five days during the week. I have met there with my teacher as well as with my friends that I have missed seeing all summer. The kindergarten closes during the summer, so I have missed my time playing with them. When I return in the house, I like to meet with the friends who live near my house and continue to play for a bit longer. We play with ball, do run races, play hide and seek, and at other times, we take our toys to play outside using them. I spend the time inside the house watching cartoons.

My family and I live in Proptisht. My village is a community center of many other villages that are around and it contains offices that offer different services. We have also got a clinic and a high school besides the elementary school. My house offers appropriated living conditions. I have three persons containing my family, they are my father, mother and I. My father emigrates in Northern Macedonia and there he stays working for three months in agriculture. He is not paid much, but we are happy that he has this job and that he can provide for our family. My mother does the cleaning, cooking and washes our clothes. She is also needed to stay at home in order to care for me, so she is jobless.  My family owns land in the village and my parents deal with agriculture. My mother usually plants vegetables in the garden and we enjoy fresh products as peppers, tomatoes, onions, beans, etc. She collects the products from the garden that we have not consumed and preserves them in cans so that we can consume these products during winter. My father helps her with the gardening. Around our land and garden, we have also got fruit trees as apples, plums, grapes, etc. My mother is collecting these fruits and she makes for us jam or juice for consumption. My parents are not dealing with livestock. Cows or sheep are beneficial, but they consume very much food and it takes lots of effort to care for them. Thank you for your generous support to me and God bless you!

The LW/Adopt a Child church in Proptisht meets for the weekly service on Monday. During the other days of the week, the church has Bible classes for small children as well as Bible studies in small groups for ladies and men. The children who are registered in the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child are constantly every six weeks receiving a food package containing pasta, rice, oil, sugar, etc. This package has been a blessing to each child and family in the village. Thank you for your care and support, sponsoring a Child in Albania.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

LW/Adopt a Child Albania