Orest Hidri
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My name is Orest Hidri. I'm a 14-year-old.

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July 16, 2008.
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Hello! My name is Orest Hidri. I am 13 years old boy and my birthday is on July 16th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is definitely black! When I grow up I want to play football professionally.  I just finished the 6th grade and next year I will be attending 7th! My favorite subject in school is mathematics. In the summer I get together with my friends as soon  as I can each day. We all enjoy playing football or chatting as we gather. I also help my mother with whatever she asks of me to do such as buying things in the grocery shop.

 I live in Rodokal. This village is surrounded by many hills and offers a beautiful view especially during the spring. The flowers and trees blossom during this season and the vegetable gardens are already planted. The people in this area don’t have much land and they plant less but they are able to keep animals. The land is in the hills and most the work in it is done by hand and not through machines. During this season, many people take their flocks or cows out in green pastures. Our home is very nice and comfortable. It offers appropriated living conditions. I have five persons in my family. My father’s name is Hysni and my mother’s name is Albina. I have two brothers whose names are Ernesto, eleven years old and Serxhio, seven years old. Ernesto attends the fifth grade at school and is also in the programme. My father and mother have a flock of 10 goats and sheep. My father shepherds these goats during the spring in the hills of our village. The stock food needed for the goats during the season of winter usually gets provided through whatever my parents plant in our land. Once a year, my father sells a few sheep or goats and profits a bit more of income to buy food or clothes to us. We are also able to sell cheese or butter to the people who are interested to come and buy some. During the past month my parents have planted the vegetable garden and we can consume tomatoes, peppers, anions and beans. We have a few fruit trees in our garden as walnuts, apricots, apples and plums. The welfare of my family is well because my father and mother are shepherding this flock but they are still not totally able to cover all that we need for the living. I am thankful to the feeding programme for this support. The team visited the family of Orest to deliver the food package belonging to him offered from the feeing programme. The team got to play and share the gospel with me while they visited us. Living Water Church in Rodokal meets for their service on Saturdays. During the week, the church is inviting the children and youth at the church center to join Bible studies and learn from the Bible in small groups. The church also has ladies’ meetings. During this summer, for the first time the Living Water churches have organized summer camps for the children and youth who attend our sponsorship programmes. The children had many activities to join during these camps. These camps where to them as a retreat after the long pandemic distancing rules and lockdowns. The children in our programmes are receiving every month or six weeks a package that contains food items, groceries that can be cooked in their homes. A box of food delivered from the programme covers ten to twelve cooked meals for the whole family. When the children come to receive this food box, they are asked to come together with their parents. This way, we have open doors to evangelize and invite the parents to join our church activities. Thank you for helping the children in our programme spiritually and physically. God bless you in abundance. 

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