Klara Golemi
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My name is Klara Golemi. I'm a 14-year-old.

My birthday is
November 12, 2008.
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Hello! My mane is Klara Golemi. I am 13 years old and my birthday is on November 12th. I am doing well and in good health. My favorite color is pink and my future dream is to become a model. I like to be dressed nice especially when we have special events or when we visit the town that is next to our village. I frequent the seventh grade at school and try my best to study well and earn good evaluation marks in the subjects we take from our teachers. My favorite subject in my class is English. This language is used the most for communication and I like to learn it so that wherever I might be going I can have this ability. When I return from school I like to get together with my friends and spend a while with them. We like to take walks and also play volleyball in the school field for a short while. My friends and I walk altogether in groups to return home from school and we speak and fellowship with one another. We go to play also at the church sport field after we finish the Bible studies for the youth. Besides the activities of the church, there are no other activities for the youth and I am happy for this opportunity. I like to help my mother at home when she is cooking and when she cleans our home. We have just started to plant the vegetable garden and I have also helped my mother.  

My family and I live in Kotodesh. I have six persons in my family. Our house offers appropriated living conditions to us. I live with my father, mother and have two sisters. They are 8 and 3 years old. I care for both of them when my mother gets busy with the housekeeping. One of my sisters is also in the programme and I take her with me when we have the Bible classes and the church services. My grandmother is also living with us and she is part of our family. She is retired and receives a pension which at times is helpful to cover the expenses that are the most needed, but my parents supply her needs for the living. She is on the other side a big help for my mother while she is carrying for my younger sister. My father and mother own land in the village. They are considered form the government as self employed because they own land, but the land is very less productive and we don’t benefit from it. For this reason, the local government gives to them a social assistance as help to cover the expenses. The social assistance is way too low to be considered. My father and mother usually plant corn, alfalfa and oat in the land so that they can provide stock food for our cow, feeding it inside the stable for several months. My mother and grandmother care for the cow and we benefit milk, yogurt, butter and cheese for consumption. My father sells the calf every year and gains a bit more of income available to be used for what is needed the most for our family. My mother has planted the vegetable garden that we have close to our house only and she is making sure that we have for consumption peppers, tomatoes, onions, beans and other vegetables. We have also fruit trees as apples, plums, a few vines, etc, so we consume fruits during the summer and autumn. My father has constantly emigrated in Greece as well as in Northern Macedonia in order to work and provide for our family. His job there is better paid compared to his income that he gets working in the village. My father works for six months as hired, at times in agriculture and at times in construction. Same as the majority of the people who live in the village, we live with low income, even that we are not considered as very poor. I am very thankful to the Adopt a Child for all that we benefit while attending the church in Kotodesh.

The Living Water Adopt a Child church in Kotodesh meets on Saturdays for the service. During the days of the week there are Bible studies in small groups for ladies and teens and Bible classes dedicated to smaller children. The youth and children, after they study the Bible and pray altogether, spend a time to play outside in the sport-field of our centre. All the children who frequent the programme receive every six weeks a package of food. They come to take this package together with one of their parents. A free dental care is also offered to the sponsored children. Thank you for your care and support. God bless you richly as you are blessing each child spiritually and physically.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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