Greta Allko
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My name is Greta Allko. I'm a 15-year-old.

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March 12, 2007.
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Hello! My name is Greta Allko. I am a 14 year old girl and my birthday is on March 12th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. I completed the 8th grade this year and am on summer break until September. In I will start high school and I am really excited about that! Now that I am on summer break I have more time to play with my friends in the village. Sometimes we go on walks through the village or we play volleyball. This game is typical for the girls who are the same age with me. During the afternoon I help my mother at home with cleaning or cooking.

My family and I live in Kotodesh. Our old house has four rooms that doesn’t offer appropriated living conditions to us. I have four people in my family. My father’s name is Sokol and my mother’s name is Alketa. I have a 18 year old brother whose name is Adhurim. He completed high school this year and received his diploma. His future desire is to be an engineer. My father owns a car. He tries to work as taxi for the people who need transportation from the village to the nearest towns of Perrenjas or Pogradec. He doesn’t earn much doing this job but at least with what he earns he can provide our immediate living needs. The people who live in the village, like us are considered as hired because we own land. The land we own doesn’t produce a lot so we don’t plant on it. We have as family also chosen to keep no animals because they need a lot of food to consume and lots of effort to care for them. My mother has already collected the vegetables from our garden and she has preserved in a few jars peppers, tomatoes etc. She has also made sure we have enough beans to consume during the winter. During the autumn my mother and I will collect fruits from the trees to fill jars with jam.

The Living Water Adopt a Child team in Kotodesh is doing three meetings during the week at our church center. The ladies meetings are on Wednesdays and the bible classes for children and teens are on Fridays. The church services are on Saturdays at 11:00. During July the church organized a camp for youth for a whole week as well as a 3 day children’s camp. Every month the children who are in the program of Kotodesh receive a food package containing ingredients that are cooked at home. The package contains food items like sugar, rice, oil, pasta, etc, items that can be cooked and can cover ten to twelve meals for the whole family. Thank you for helping the children and, through them, the whole community spiritually and physically.

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