Elio Kamburi
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My name is Elio Kamburi. I'm a 16-year-old.

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December 8, 2006.
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Hello! My name is Elio Kamburi. I am 15 years old and my birthday is on December 8th. I have autism and for this reason I am being treated differently due to my special abilities. My mother who cares for me all day long receives a pension and I also receive an invalid pension. When my mother is busy, my grandmother cares for me. I actually go to school just so that I can have fellowship with friends. They like me and respect me for my differences, and I enjoy the care of my teachers while I stay in the class. When I get older I want to be an economist. My favorite subject is economics. After school my mother takes me home and I help her with chores around the house. Sometimes I’ll play games with friends after school. After school my mother takes me home and I help her with chores around the house. Sometimes I’ll play games with friends after school.

My family and I live in Katjel. Our house is in good conditions, even that it is small for a big family like ours. I have six people in my family. Both grandparents live in our home and my parents care for them. They are retired and receive village pensions that are very small. Even so, their pension can cover a few of their basic needs for medicine and other things they need. I have a sister who attends third grade high school. My father has a car and works as a taxi. He doesn’t have much of a job because he can transport people only in nearest towns, but at least, he brings income constantly to cover our basic living needs. We have a cow and my grandparents take care of it and feed it every day since it can’t go outside because of how cold winter is. We feed the cow alfalfa that we grew and stored over the summer. Once a year, my father sells the calf and we gain a bit more income. Keeping a cow, we benefit from a few litters of milk to consume daily as well as butter, cheese, etc. My mother provides us with canned fruits and vegetables that she grew in the garden and picked from our fruit trees during the summer. My father doesn’t have a full time job and earns very little. What we gain from the land is also not enough. We face financial hardship the same as many other people who live in the village and are thankful to the sponsorship program for being such a big help to us. God bless you all!

About us: The Living Water church in Katjel has their weekly services on Saturdays. During the week, the church has other activities going on such as prayer meetings, Bible studies for men, women, teens and youth. The Leaders of this church are also taking lessons online from The Institute School of Theology and Leadership. Every six weeks, each child who is part of the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child recieves a package that contains food such as flour, oil, rice, pasta, sugar, etc.  We are very thankful to you for your help and care that you are giving to the children, physically and spiritually.

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