Rigers Shuli
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My name is Rigers Shuli. I'm a 16-year-old.

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March 18, 2006.
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Hello! My name is Rigers Shuli. I am a 15 year old boy and my birthday is on March 18th. I am doing well and in good health. It is summer right now, and will go back to the 9th grade at school in September. My future dream is to be a police officer. Every day for a few hours I like to work together with my grandparents and uncle and help them with the vegetable garden and collecting fruits together with them. My father’s name is Sabri and my mother’s name is Farie. Many years ago my father divorced and I was left to live with my mother in my grandparent’s house. My mother, Farie died a few years ago and now I live with grandparents and my uncle. My uncle has two boys who are my cousins, but I consider them as my brothers because we all share the same home. I also have an aunt who is just like my sister. She got married and left to live in Rodokal. My grandmother and grandfather are working in the land together with my uncle and his family. They are not able to do much, but they do their best to work in the land and to raise animals. We have land in the village, but we don’t get much profit out of it. Every year my uncle plants wheat, beans, onions, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables we need for the year. We also have a few fruit trees that give apples, pears and plums. My uncle gathers these fruits and his wife and my grandmother make jam and composts. I frequent the program and the activities of our church in Katjel, and every month we pick up a food package there. Our church has prayer meetings, cinema nights, Bible studies as well as church services. I enjoy being a part of all the activities of the church of Katjel.

The Living Water Adopt a Child team is having three meetings during the week at our church center in Katjel. On Wednesdays the adults and youth meet for their Bible classes, while the children and ladies meet on Friday for their respective Bible studies. After the Bible classes, the children stay a bit longer to spend time playing and having fellowship. The church service in Katjel is every Saturday. Every month the children who are in the program of Katjel receive a food package containing ingredients that are cooked at home. The package contains food items such as: sugar, rice, oil, pasta, etc. (items that can be cooked and can cover ten to twelve meals for the whole family). For the first time, this year the church of Katjel is having children summer camps where participants will enjoy a great time playing different games, enjoying meals together, and taking Bible classes. Thank you for supporting the children, your generosity is a great help in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the whole community.

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