Eduart Bizgjoni
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My name is Eduart Bizgjoni. I'm a 17-year-old.

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August 13, 2005.
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Hello! My name is Eduart Bizgjoni. I am 16 years old, and my birthday is on August 13th. I am doing well and enjoying good health. I am enrolled as an eleventh grader at the school in my village; I am doing well in my classes. I am thankful that my school has reopened after being closed. Monday through Friday I have to walk two hours to get to school; I leave at 6 am to get there by 8 am. It is very cold here in December but going to school is very important to me. My favorite class is music because it is my dream to be a musician one day. My family and I live in Homezh. After I walk home from school, I do not have much time before the sun sets so I help my parents with feeding our cow. If I have any time after helping my parents, I get together with my friends to talk and play football. This village has a beautiful view especially during the winter because of the many snow-covered mountains. The people in this area don’t have much land and they plant less but they are able to keep animals. During this season, many people must take extra care of their animals because there is no green grass for cows to graze. Our home is old and does not offer appropriate living conditions. We only have one room with a stove and that is our only source of heat in the winter. We must stay in this room to keep the fire burning for cooking and warmth. I have five persons in my family. My father’s name is Izja and my mother’s name is Shpresa. My grandmother is also living with us and under the care of my parents. She is retired and receives a small pension.

We spent the fall harvesting our crops, preparing for the winter, and storing up food for our cow. We have tomatoes, peppers, beans, and other vegetables provided to consume. My parents planted wheat to have flour provided. The ladies in the village bake the bread at home and we need a lot of flour provision to do that. My father also harvested alfalfa from our land so we could have enough stock food for our cow to use during the winter. We are blessed to have a cow and to enjoy milk and other products daily. Once a year, my father sells the calf to earn a bit more income. My father also emigrates to Greece for three months each year and works there for a season in agriculture. The income he brings home covers a few of our immediate living expenses, but not all that we need, because of this, we are still living under the pressure of poverty.

The children enrolled in Homezh meet for Bible classes on Mondays and church services on Thursdays. They are asked to come together with the parents in the church services. The team who leads these meetings also visits homes in my village to share the gospel. The students in my school just received Christmas gifts as well as the food package provided from the sponsorship program of Adopt a Child.  The churches in our program are all going to have a special Christmas performance with songs, dramas, etc.

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