Francisco Lopez Barrera
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My name is Francisco Lopez Barrera. I'm a 13-year-old.

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December 15, 2008.
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My Story

It is a pleasure to write you in this opportunity. My name is Francisco Lopez Barrera, and I am now 12 years old. In spite the things that have changed, I returned to school and I am in second grade, but most of the time I study at home. I only I attend school on Monday and Tuesday to receive classes. When I go to school, I give my homework to my teacher. Unfortunately, my parents separated and my father has a new family in Chichicastenango. He does not help us in any way. My mother is the only one who does her best effort to cover our needs. She usually travels to the coast to work in order to earn a little money. At home, she spends time taking care of us and she raises domestic animal to sell when needed. My older brothers help my mother to cover some expenses; they work as a farmer. At the arrival of the pandemic, my mother could not travel to the coast which affected our economy. Thank God, we could go ahead with the grocery bag that we received though the Feeding Program and from the school which helped to complement our feeding. During this time, my mother also sold some animals. Every one of our family is healthy. We are grateful because during this time we have seen God’s faithfulness through His provision. Thank the Lord, none of us has been infected by the virus. We attend a Cristian Church called “Evangelio Completo” and our services are Friday and Sunday for three hours per day. Let me tell you that my older brother Mariano, helped me to provide this information by phone. Due to the pandemic, the evangelism teachers are avoiding meeting with the families to prevent the spread of the virus. We want to thank you for your support and I pray God blesses and that you continue staying well!

In Jesus´ name,

Francisco Lopez Barrera

Translated by AAC Secretary/Lucia Gravez