Martina Simaj Chingo
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My name is Martina Simaj Chingo. I'm a 18-year-old.

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June 10, 2004.
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Hello! This is Martina, and it is a big pleasure for me to greet you this time. I am now eighteen years old. As you may know, this year I am not attending to school, so I help with some household work, and I also do some weavings. I missed a lot attending to the feeding program during the time it was closes because of the pandemic. I loved having lunch and sharing with my friends there. Thanks to God it is open again. To get to the feeding program I must walk more than an hour to get there. I want to thank you and the LW team for the grocery bags I received during the most difficult time, in which we really needed it. My father’s work was affected in that time, and he did not get enough money, so food supplies we received was a great blessing and help for my family and me. Let me tell you that one of our greatest needs at home is food supplies. So, I am so grateful for the way God has provided for us along this time. I know I cannot pay back for what you have done; so I pray God to pay you back for that! We are all in good health, thanks to God.

Francisco, my grandfather passed away last year. As you remember, he broke his left hand, and shortly after, he lost his memory. He did not want to go to the Care Health Center or to the hospital neither a doctor. My family got medicine for him; but unfortunately, it did not do any effect to him, so he died. My father is still working in the United States; he works in the packing department in a chicken company. He does help us economically. As you may know, my mother passed away some years ago. Manuela, my grandmother cannot work out of the house because of her age, so helps us with some chores at home. Aura and I help with some household work. And, Rolando Chingo, an uncle of mine, who is in the United States, helps my grandmother economically. In the afternoon we try to get some food, and this way we share and have a nice time together. We did celebrate Christmas time by having tamales we prepared. My family and I have been attending to the Church services; we have to walk about an hour and a half to get there. By the time the services did not take place in the church, we were sad because we could not attend to it and pray with the brethren there. Thankfully, the services are taking place again. We live with my grandmother, so we do not own a house. The house is made of two rooms and a separate kitchen, made of mud-brick, roof made of tiles, and dirt floor. Thankfully, we do have electricity and running water services. The house is in good condition. I want you know I provided this updated information to an Evangelism teacher of the LW who called me up; so I gave it to them this way for they wanted me to be protected from the virus. Thank you very much for reading this! I leave you for now. I send my best regards for you and family.

With so much love,

Martina Simaj Chingo

Translated by: Febe Ruiz / A-A-C Secretary-Antigua