Silvia Dominga Tzoy de la Cruz
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My name is Silvia Dominga Tzoy de la Cruz. I'm a 17-year-old.

My birthday is
September 19, 2005.
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My Story

I am Silvia Dominga Tzoy de la Cruz, and it is a pleasure for me to greet you through this. I hope you and your family are doing well. I am seventeen years old. I do no longer attend school, so I spend my time helping my mon with the chores at home. I also weave items to help her economically. I missed a lot delicious lunch from the feeding program, the time it was closed due to the pandemic. Thank God, it is open again, and I get there in an hour by walking. My father does farming work to support my family economically. He also makes tote bags and weaves items to get some incomes from it. My mom stays home raising some chickens to help my father with the household expenses. Sometimes we go for a walk, and at dinner we talk about how our day was. We celebrated Christmas by making tamales and fruit punch and getting a cake. We had a nice time as a family. At the moment, we are attending Catholic Church, located thirty minutes away from home. One of my family members is a leader from the youth group in the church.

We own a house with three rooms and separate kitchen. The house’s walls are made of mud-brick, the floor of dirt and the roof of tin sheets, but they are all in poor condition, so whenever it rains they leak. The house has electricity and we get water from a spring source because we do not have running water. The pandemic affected my family a lot because we couldn't grow crops, therefore we couldn't sell them anymore. I want to thank God and the feeding program for the support we received through the grocery bags in difficult times. Clothing and food supplies are a greatest need for us, so it was all a great help and blessing for my family and me. My younger siblings got very happy every time we received this support. As for health, let me tell you that my mom suffers from burning in her stomach and a lot of pain in various parts of her body. She has not visited to the doctor and is not under a medical treatment yet due to the lack of resources. Thank you for your prayers! I pray God you to stay healthy. Finally, I want you to know my dad gave this information to an Evangelism team member to share with you my last news. I say good bye to you for now. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Silvia Dominga Tzoy de la Cruz

Translated by: Febe Ruiz / AAC Secretary-Antigua