Melinda Wendy Tino Uz
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My name is Melinda Wendy Tino Uz. I'm a 17-year-old.

My birthday is
April 29, 2007.
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My Story

This is Melinda Wendy Tino Uz, and I greet you in Jesus’ name. I am taking this opportunity to send you this letter filled with love. I am happy because my family is assured of our Salvation. We still attend Prince of Peace Church, and we have services on Monday and Wednesday. We grow corn, black beans “guisquiles” and onions for our consumption. Hens, pigs and turkeys are the domestic animals that we raise to sell. Our income is low, so we are frequently in need of groceries like corn. My father, Nazario, is 42 years old, and he works as a day laborer. My mother, Maria, is 41 years old, and she works hard at home. Thankfully, my parents are in good health.

I am healthy, and I am 16 years old. I no longer attend school this year due to our low resources. I now stay at home helping my mother with the chores. I want to learn to embroider napkins and blouses, and it would be nice to learn English language. I enjoy a cake or receiving presents when it is my birthday. My favorite celebration is Christmas because I can eat “tamales”. I prefer soccer as a sport, and I love drinking pineapple juice and “mosh” (hot drink made from oats). Living Water has been a great blessing in my life because I have received delicious food since I was a little child; I thank you for supporting me. I pray God pays you back for all you have done for me. I say goodbye to you for now.

All the best

Melinda Wendy Tino Uz

Translated by: Loyda de Osorio/A-A-C Secretary, Antigua Guatemala